Deputy CEO in charge of operations at the Ghana Tourism Authority, Ekow Samson, says his outfit is keen on recouping 900,000 cedis in December.

The said sum is the 1% demand expected to be paid by the travel industry offices to the power.

Addressing the media at the duty implementation practice today, the agent CEO said business tasks in the more noteworthy Accra district owed the authority more than 900,000 cedis subsequently quantifies have been set up to recoup them.

Mr Sampson said the sum which will be created is utilized for capacities that lift the travel industry division’s ventures.

“That is the thing that we use to subsidize the preparation programs that we are setting out on, finance particularly the showcasing that we are doing,” he said.

The Ghana Tourism Authority in the start of December set out on the one percent the travel industry demand recuperation practice in the Western locale.

As per the travel industry authority the said locale has organizations defaulting to a tune of GHS489,000.

The Fund, which was built up in October 2012 from the 1% demand on the administrations of the travel industry offices including inns and eateries, expects to help the improvement of the business and guarantee the nature of administration being given to satisfy to characterized worthy guideline.

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