The world’s boundless enthusiasm for digital devices has transformed us into masters in media multitasking. We switch between screens for entertainment, social networking, emailing and texting with ease. 

The first Smart TVs catered to this trend with interactive services. Thereafter, there was a huge increase in devices connected to the TV including Blu-ray players and multiple video game consoles. 

And now the options for family entertainment have become almost limitless. With these choices, how we use the TV and the quality of the screen has become a massive focus point for Samsung.

As family entertainment continues to evolve along with modern viewing habits, Samsung has focused on the use of pioneering technology and AI to create unparalleled and personalized viewing experiences. The results are already astounding.

Before creating the pioneering QLED line of TVs, Samsung committed research into user behavior and preferences to learn what consumers wanted. 

Samsung researchers discovered that we are consuming more content than ever before but still want simplicity when it comes to accessing it. With this in mind, simplicity, access and integration are clear design mandatories for Samsung. 

The data collected has also led its engineers to improve and refine the Smart Hub – a slick menu bar across the bottom of the screen that offers one-click access to your preferred content. 

It conveniently displays recently viewed programs and recommendations, including that streamed TV episode you didn’t finish watching.

Samsung’s research has likewise led to a vast improvement on the universal remote. As we link up more devices to our TVs, the functionality for a single remote is immense. 

The One Remote Control is designed for enhanced ease-of-use. It’s now configured to automatically read most cable and set-top boxes, games consoles and streaming devices — including Apple TV and is engineered to read the vast majority of devices connected to the TV via HDMI ports.

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