Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation hosted its fifth annual Ability Fair at Stockton University last week, which highlighted the latest products, service and technology for people with physical challenges.

From a device that allows users to control a screen just by using their eyes, to a wheelchair that gives disabled individuals the ability to stand, the fair showcased the evolving technologies that are providing new opportunities for New Jersey’s disabled population.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a little more than 11% of New Jersey adults have disabilities impacting their mobility.

Josh Vila, an attendee who was paralyzed in a 2013 car accident, said, “A lot of times, you know, we’re not always the first people considered. The world isn’t exactly accessible and everything like that. So to have people take the initiative where they really show they care about helping people that are less fortunate than they are, it enables us to live a better quality of life.”

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