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Among the substantial judgment that is being poured on Cecilia Marfo, an associate gospel vocalist, Evangelist Diana Asamoah, has approached her colleagues to guarantee they give her filthy slaps whenever she moves to anybody in front of an audience.

In a video that became famous online throughout the end of the week, Cecilia Marfo in a purported prophetic daze stormed a stage Joyce Blessing was performing, grabbed the microphone and requested that she return to her husband.

The occurrence has been compared to a comparative one that happened a few years back in which she assaulted Brother Sammy by slapping him under the alleged impact of the Holy Spirit.

She has been vigorously denounced for her demonstration with many hinting that her alleged prophetic act which made them grab a microphone from Joyce Blessing in her exhibition was offending as well as humiliating to her.

Censuring the new demonstration, Diana Asamoah in a self-recorded video chastised Brother Sammy for being immature in his remarks on the issue.

“Brother Sammy should quit going ahead web-based media and alluding to Cecilia Marfo as his subordinate and rather focus on tending to issues. On the off chance that we are to be honest, Cecilia Marfo came into the gospel business even before myself, she began singing before me so you are not her mate. Address issues and quit being silly by focusing on irrelevant issues,” she expressed.

Having lashed out at her male associate, Diana Asamoah in the video located by GhanaWeb dropped intensely on Cecelia Marfo for executing abhorrent deeds under the pretense of working with the Essence of God.

She approached her kindred specialists to manage Cecilia Marfo whenever she moves to anybody on stage, adding that she would not spare a moment to give her some filthy slaps in the event that she should actually go to her on stage.

“Each artist who goes to an occasion with Cecilia Marfo and she gets up to come and do anything like what she did recently, simply slap her. Tie her up with a microphone link and battle her well, give her grimy slaps. In the event that she had been dealt with like that more than once, she would have quit doing that.

In the event that I, Diana Asamoah, ought to actually be in front of an audience and she comes to me attempting to accomplish something all for the sake of moving, I wager, we will most likely trend. We will be caught wind of in Kosovo. On the off chance that she actually comes to you in front of an audience ensure you slap her and the detestable soul in her will vanish, that is my recommendation to every one of you,” she said.

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