Huawei has become the biggest vendor of smartphones in the world for the first time, according to analysts’ estimates.

It took the best position by delivery 55.8 million gadgets in the last quarter, surpassing Samsung’s 53.7 million.

The report originates from investigation firm Canalys, which called the change “amazing”.

The way that China came out of pandemic lockdown sooner than different nations is pinpointed as the purpose behind Huawei’s prosperity.

Huawei phones have also struggled to appeal to Western markets because they do not have Google-made apps, which are banned due to US trade restrictions.

Its new-found dominance is mainly driven by its impressive sales back home in China.

Overseas shipments are actually down for the company, by 27% – but Canalys estimates that it now sells more than 70% of all smartphones in mainland China.

“This is a remarkable result that few people would have predicted a year ago,” said analyst Ben Stanton from Canalys.

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The firm also highlighted that the coronavirus pandemic hit Samsung’s shipments hard, dropping them by an estimated 30%. That made it easier for the Chinese market – which emerged from lockdown sooner – to dominate the rankings.

“If not for Covid-19, it wouldn’t have occurred,” Mr Stanton said. “Huawei has exploited the Chinese monetary recuperation to reignite its cell phone business.”

“Taking first place is very important for Huawei,” his colleague Mo Jia added.

“It is desperate to showcase its brand strength to domestic consumers, component suppliers and developers.”

Source : BBC

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Huawei takes best position in global phone shipments for the first time

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