Previous Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku Dr. Bernard Okoe-Boye, has approached the public authority to guarantee the security of police faculty in the nation by furnishing them with defensive accessories like bulletproof vests and other essential gears to improve their wellbeing in the line of obligation.

He said as a country, the people pulling the strings should focus on it to secure adequate funding for the police force to ensure that each police officer who is conveyed with a weapon to go working should be protected with impenetrable and the significant accessories to bring them back home securely.

“I think I want to join others to say that, as a country, whatever funds the police need, we must work to make sure that every policeman who steps out with a weapon gets a bulletproof vest. This one is a national call, all of us must come together”, he said.

“And you see that’s one thing we don’t do a lot in Africa but outside there can even be a private initiative like a trust where they go like: we are raising $10 million to give every policeman a vest. The point I’m making is that, there is a lot that we can do as citizens to support the police in this country”, he added.

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