Presently, Sony is attempting to recreate that accomplishment as it ventures into another period of gaming with the PlayStation 5(PS5).

The large distinction this time is “tangible commitment” as per Jim Ryan, the PlayStation chief.

Addressing BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat about dispatching it in a pandemic, he says: “It’s easily the most extraordinary of all the launches we’ve ever done.”

Compared to previous generational changes in PlayStation consoles, the PS5 sees a more subtle shift but Jim says it’s still going to be “transformational”.
The PS5 will cost about £450 and gamers will be getting a completely different experience in the console’s look and feel compared to the current generation.

“It has more horsepower and runs faster with better graphics. But the difference goes way beyond that,” Jim says.

New controllers will change the game as well, PlayStation hopes.


“You’ve got to get one of these controllers in your hands to really feel the action of pulling a bow or letting an arrow go or shooting a gun.”

Jim Ryan

“It’s something people have been doing for years. But this is taking something that had become rather mundane, and adding a whole new layer of meaning and experience to it,” he adds.

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PS5: PlayStation 5’s ‘most remarkable’ pandemic dispatch

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