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The General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP, John Boadu has given a harsh admonition to Eric Amankwa Blay, an aspirant in the simply finished New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary primaries at Assin North constituency to return bikes he seized from delegates in the wake of losing the political race or be excused from the Party.

Eric Amankwa Blay gave 250 bikes to delegates before the political decision in the constituency apparently to impact the delegates to decide in favor of him.

Be that as it may, he secured about 44 votes as against the occupant MP Abena Duruwa Mensah who surveyed 389 votes.

Absolutely baffled Amankwa Blay along with a portion of his supporters raged homes of the recipient delegates with Kia Truck to coercively recover the bikes from them.

Talking on Accra based Atinka FM Monday, the General Secretary of the NPP John Boadu depicted the activity of the applicant as “uncouth” which the party won’t endure henceforth requested him to restore the bikes quickly or he will stand a chance of losing his enrollment from the gathering.

“He wants to be exited from the party. Next time he can’t even apply and even attempt to contest in any internal election. Nobody forced him to gift bicycles. Was he expecting everybody to vote for him because of the bicycles, doesn’t it mean if next time someone shares Cars he must be voted for? That is not a democracy”.

He added “he should return the bicycles else he has sacked himself from the party. I am speaking on authority. The party will not recognize him anymore. He is done with the party. We can’t encourage such uncouth behaviour in our party” John Boadu warned.

Speaking to Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Monday, Dr Amoako Baah said money has compromised the value of elections in the country.

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Return those bicycles or be sacked – John Boadu

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