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Rice Mill to increase production in Fumbisi and its environs The government has plans to build a rice factory at Fumbisi in the Builsa South District of the Upper East Region exploiting the enormous possibilities in the zone to support neighborhood creation 

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Food Buffer Stock Company Limited, Alhaji Abdul-Wahab Hanan Aludiba who dropped the clue, uncovered that there’s an enormous capability of rice valleys that are yet to be tapped for which reason the government plans to build up the remainder of the valleys and make it the greatest in the nation. 

The president demonstrated on his last visit to the region that the government will likewise set up an Agric Institute and vowed to cut the importation of rice and will admire building up the gigantic rural potential in Fumbisi. 

“By purposely reinforcing institutions, for example, the National Food Buffer Stock Company which His Excellency requested that I head, you have had your excess paddy rice mopped up during the last cropping season and this benefitted the farmers here greatly”, he said during a gathering with traditional authorities in the territory 

“Government will continue to subsidize agro-inputs and ensure the lives of farmers are particularly improved”, CEO of National Food Buffer Stock Company Limited uncovered 

CEO of National Food Buffer Stock

Alhaji Abdul-Wahab Hanan Aludiba who was in the area as part of a campaign mission through the northern area, request the help of the chiefs and individuals to retain the administration of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo while he identified different accomplishments of the current organization and showed that more will come under the following term 

The Chiefs and older folks were grateful to government and singled out the Free SHS for acclaim demonstrating that, once the government is thinking about doing more for them with the guarantee of building up a rice mill, they will return the gusture during the December 7 pools 

The inability of rice farmers to mill their paddy rice, especially those in the Fumbisi Valley came up strongly late last year when the farmers appealed to the government to intervene by buying their rice for the School Feeding Programme to prevent losses.

Finally, there is no rice processing facility in the Upper East Region and the farmers accept that with the expanded interest in rice cultivating in the area, there is the need to get a factory in the locale.

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