The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has presented the SSNIT Virtual Infozone – a data sharing stage that permits the Trust to utilize different advanced gathering channels, for example, Facebook Live, Zoom and WhatsApp to instruct its individuals and people in general about the SSNIT Scheme and its advantages.

Since its beginning on Facebook Live on Wednesday, 5th August, 2020, the Trust has held two live Facebook communications on the sorts of SSNIT advantages and how to compute Old Age Pension.

SSNIT has noticed that its Virtual Infozone follows up to the impact of the novel Covid-19 pandemic which has affected the Trust’s way to deal with business including the delivery of public education.

Truth be told, organizations everywhere throughout the world, are wrestling with the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Corporate Affairs Manager of SSNIT, Ms. Afua Amankwa Sarkodie, noticed that it has gotten important for the Trust to direct public education on the web, through its advanced media channels to guarantee business progression in observing the Covid-19 safety protocols to diminish the spread of infections.

“Presently, all in-person public education has been put on hold across the Trust. This has necessitated a stronger emphasis on digital media to sustain the education of stakeholders. This is to ensure continuous public awareness of the Trust and its operations,” she mentioned.

Regarding the calculation of old-age pension, Ms. Amankwa Sarkodie noted that the Trust recognizes that its members usually see the calculation of pension as mysterious, further stressing that “we are using this opportunity to let our members know that, it is in fact quite easy to do so”.

“Now we are showing members how to estimate their monthly pensions. Using Facebook live sessions, members can also estimate their pension using the pension calculator on the SSNIT Web Portal”, she included.

SSNIT demands that its definitive objective is to manufacture and fortify its relationship with partners disregarding the pandemic as it has an obligation to teach and interface with Members and Clients “despite the prevailing circumstances.”

The SSNIT Virtual Infozone is live, every Wednesday at 4 pm.

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