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Education Minister, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has said calls for re-opened schools to be closed down over rising instances of the Coronavirus, especially in Senior High Schools, are indefensible.

Speaking during an interview on Adom TV’s ‘Badwam’ program on Monday, July 13, 2020, the Minister said he couldn’t help contradicting the calls for SHSs to be shut down and the students sent home on the rear of the revealed cases.

“Those of us in leadership must listen to public concerns, and be guided by the evidence in making recommendations to the President”.

“Even if my child were in school at present, I would not, with the evidence as it stands, recommend to the President that schools should be shut down”, he contended.

Dr Prempeh noticed that thinking about that there are 721 senior secondary schools in the nation, with a populace of around 400,000 and 13 detailed cases across 5 schools, the claims on the fact that the schools should be closed down were not legitimate.

He further noticed that there had been no revealed cases even in certain networks where a portion of the Senior High Schools are refered to.

He said one can’t, along these lines, require all the schools in the nation to be closed down.

Dr Prempeh demanded that whether to close the schools or keep them open, we need to see community trends as well as risks and rewards involved.

Last year students in Junior and Senior High Schools, tertiary institutions and second-year Gold Track SHS students were reviewed a month ago, following quite a while of lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Democratic Congress, the Ghana Medical Association are among groups asking the government to shut down the reopened schools because of the rising coronavirus case tally.

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The closure of schools inadmissible – Education Minister

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